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Tanning Studio

Tanning is one of the quickest way's to improve your appearance in a short amount of time.


We have 3 high quality sunbeds: 2 x Ergoline 600 Avangarde i 1x Luxura 7v.


The luxurious Ergoline 600 Avantgarde is designed for those that are interested in building their base tan quickly. Its powerful design provides stronger bronzing results recommended for advanced tanners.


We use only high

quality lamps.

  • Built in music system
  • 12 minute maximum exposure time.
  • High pressure shoulder and facial tanners


Luxura V7 - A standing tanning unit literally tans the body from head to toe in a hygienic and comfortable way. The list of standard features on the V7 is surprisingly long, with facilities like an adjustable body cooler, digital timer display, connection for external timer and loudspeakers. 


We use only high quality lamps.




We are certified to use and operate solarium equipment for public use.

Please view our certificates here: 1) Janusz 2) Kasia 3) Irina


Thanks to high quality equipment and qualified staff, tanning is safe, long-lasting and healthy.

We also offer a wide range of luxury tanning products to maximize and complement your indoor suntan: from tanning accelerators to bronzers and self-tanning lotions.




Please download our FREE guides on how to tan in a safe and healthy way.

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